World π Day Dinner 2014

3.14: the 14th of March is World Pie Day, and what else could we do but bake 14 pies and play live trivia with all the guests on the table? We served a balsamic vinegar leek pie, carrot zucchini spiral pie, pear gorgonzola pie (all three made with homemade puff pastry!), there was also a coconut meatloaf (pie), an eggplant/spiced rice pie, beetroot polenta pie with raisins, feta cheese and truffle honey, pumpkin/fig/walnut pie with bread crust and then desserts! We served a dairy free/glutenfree/fatfree black bean chocolate cake, a rose apple pie with homemade custard, Pavlova with red fruits and lavender infused whipped cream, a no-sugar parsnip anis seed cake and last but not least Indonesian spekkoek.