Speed(d)ate Dinner

Valentines day 2014: With the help of the Foodpairing movement we composed an exciting multiple course dinner consisting of unexpected combinations made with aphrodisiac ingredients.

Every combination was placed between two people sitting opposite each other on our long table. Only allowed to use one hand, people had to work together to serve themselves. After each dish the guests would change place, to start the next course with a new dining partner.


On the menu (in random order) A strawberry+fava beans salad with a champagne wasabi vinaigrette,

fresh oysters with passionfruit,

goat cheese beetroot ravioli with a tarragon orange sauce,

apricot champagne soup with fresh basil,

beef jerky with melted pure chocolate and fried sage,

scallops crudo in vanilla salt,

broiled figs marinated in cinnamon, thyme and honey, served with hard goats cheese,

strawberry tomato gazpacho served with chili flakes,

grilled salmon steaks with licorice sauce, served with green asparagus

polenta cakes with sautéed wild mushrooms and fresh blueberries,

a spoon made from white chocolate with a large green olive and

avocado slice with coffee cream.


Valentijnsdiner 21-2-2014