Cover Stylist Magazine London

February 24, 2014

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Baked cover for Stylist magazine London. The brief was: it has to be baked, and it has to be something that makes you happy.
So I baked an photographed a pie-chart about the things that make me happy with matching recipes:

2 % Smelling fresh fruits on a famers market (No bake cheesecake with strawberries)

3 % Drinking cocktails (blueberry daiquiri cake)

4 % Sleeping in the grass (key lime/lemongrass pie)

7 % Playing ukulele (pineapple/pina colada upside down cake)

8 % Chocolate (Marbled chocolate cheese cake)

12 % Baking cake (Family recipe apple pie)

15 % Eating cake (No cake, only crumbs)

17 % Exploring unknown destinations (Star anise/coriander/orange cake)

32% My boyfriend Sven (Vertically layered Red Velvet/passionfruit cake iced with buttercream roses)