Sinking Ships production company

Sinking Ships Collective was born in February 2015, in a room above a well-known fast food outlet in the heart of Amsterdam. There, a group of independent professionals (photographers, writers, designers, publishers) with a love of film and a shared background working for film festivals took the crazy decision to make their own film.

Six months later, the idea was reality. Filming was completed at several locations in and around central Amsterdam and the result – the mini-feature Adrift, about an ageing punk rocker and his boat – is at the editing phase and is scheduled for completion in September 2015. Drawing entirely on the expertise, network and resourcefulness of the group – with the addition of a couple of new members – the project was realized with no external funding. Just (mostly fake) blood, sweat, tears and lots and lots of dedication. And love.

The team consists of: Mark Baker, Bram Belloni, Nichon Glerum, Sjoukje van Gool, Ruud Jonkers, Jetske Krabbendam, Michiel Landeweerd, Danan Voorn and Gerald Zevenboom.